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Aaron Steblyk, AMAA, RES

Assessment Operations Manager

Aaron has conducted farmland, residential, commercial, and industrial assessments for Compass, the City of Edmonton, and Red Deer County over the past twelve years.  His experience with a wide variety of property types, allows Compass the latitude to service any municipality.

Additionally Aaron, has trained a number of new assessors, administered Rural Assessment Policies, manage and resolve assessment complaints, carries-out individual/residential tax appeals and corporate tax appeals, and has provided expert testimony to numerous assessment review boards within Alberta.

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Alan McNaughton

Transitional Advisor/Assessor

Al is the founding director and the transitional advisor/assessor for Compass.  He has a wealth of experience in assessment and is a key resource person for the company.  Al’s breadth of experience reaches beyond his 40 years of assessment service.  Al has been consulted for a number of high profile assessment functions including: serving as technical support for the Municipal Statutes Review Committee, (MSRC), during debate as to “how assessments should be done and by whom”; written several papers commenting on various governmental committee reports with respect to regulated assessment procedures (i.e.: machinery & equipment & farmland); and more.