You understanding your assessment is important to us.  In efforts to help rate payers and municipalities stay informed, we’ve provided a number of assessment based educational resources.  If you have any questions resulting from the information provided below, we’ll be glad to take time to answer them.


Government of Alberta – Property Assessment and Taxation:

This website provides a wide breadth of assessment information, including various guides, legislation, fact, and other resources.  The second link provides a detailed overview of property assessment in Alberta.


Government of Alberta – Is You Property Assessment Fair and Accurate?

These Internet flyers addresses many common questions about assessments, and give a good start to readers who want to know more about assessment criteria.


Filing a Property Assessment Complaint and Preparing for your Hearing:

This on-line booklet provides detailed information, as to how a formal assessment complaint is filed, we can gladly help you with this process.  But before you start an appeal, give us a call, we can often resolve issues without the extra work!


Alberta Assessors’ Association:

This website outlines the educational requirements, practice standards, and regulations that govern assessors in Alberta.